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Bring Frontier Alaska to You! _Experience Cultural and Wilderness Discoveries at Home

Have you dreamed of secluded sites in frontier Alaska where only a fortunate few have visited, or of more easily accessable locations renowned for inspirational natural beauty? Is casting in wild rivers and streams for salmon near resident brown bear or wandering caribou an adrenaline spike for you? Join me on my life changing adventure treks throughout southwest and southcentral Alaska.

Alaska Adventure Book PURSUING THE UNTAMED provides a virtual trip to Nature's undisturbed. You will experience Alaska Natives at their subsistence fish camp site on the banks of a "wild and scenic" river in the Bristol Bay Region, a Yup'ik Eskimo village at the mouth of a secluded sport fishing river flowing to the Bering Sea, an abandoned Aleut Native village next to a salmon rich river on the Alaska Peninsula, pristine Kodiak Island with its wild predator bear population along clear rivers filled with bright silver salmon, and the famous Kenai Peninsula with a variety of fishing and wildlife encounters that includes an understanding of the salmon's rigorous advance upriver, including its spawning ritual.

Also included in this memoir account are personal experience presentations of Alaska's "heart and soul" - the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, and a romantic view of Alaska's extreme weather conditions. Each chapter focuses on the pleasure in being more fully alive through wilderness discoveries. Rare photo illustrations enhances the curious spirit of the reader.

Alaska Adventure Book

Book Cover - Oil Painting (Photo) by Author

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About the Author

Alaskan author and artist Doug Myers was raised in Oregon and while living in Washington served as a licensed counseling therapist. He later became an owner of a remote fishing lodge located on a designated 'wild and scenic' river in the Bristol Bay Region of Southwest Alaska. Visits with Native friends at their historic village site and other distant areas offered cultural insights. Wilderness adventure treks for sport fishing and encounters with Alaska's renowned wildlife were extended to the Bering Sea, Alaska Peninsula, and Kodiak Island. Alaska's Kenai Peninsula also provided pleasure to his arm as a sport fisherman and inspiration to his eye as an author and artist. For Myers, renewal comes in the wilderness of Alaska with a fly-fishing rod in hand and a camera in his backpack . . . hundreds of memories feed his spirit and connect him to the wild and scenic land that is his home. (Linda Bryant, Columnist, The Art of Peace, The Herald)

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Recommended By

Colonel Norman D. Vaughan - Antarctic Explorer with Admiral Byrd

Throughout my life I have known an enthusiam for risk and a satisfaction from each adventure accomplishment. In PURSUING THE UNTAMED many of the experiences the author Doug Myers writes about reminds me of my own adventures. . . . Accounts of the salmon's spawning ritual and encounters with brown bears are interestingly informative. . . . the book offers a good understanding of instincts specific to Alaska's wildlife. . . . Doug effectively humanizes the wild creatures and events in order to illustrate the essentials in living a fulfilled life. I recommend the reading of PURSUING THE UNTAMED to all who appreciate a sensitive, thoughtful understanding of Alaska's wilderness, its Native people and culture, and wildlife. __Norman D. Vaughan

View a COMMEMORATION of Alaskan icon Norman D. Vaughan - friend and author of the 'Foreword' in PURSUING THE UNTAMED.

Reader's Comments

I found passionate love for Alaska few could express so eloquently. The way you string words together gives powerful impressions. - Eveline Horelle Dailey, Author - Free Lance Writer (Phoenix, Arizona)

While reading your book I was enchanted and amazed. The images spend time in my head as if I was seeing a movie. - Sra Olivia Ramirez, Hotel Owner (Colima, Mexico)

While curled up with your book I felt like I left a bit of my heart in Alaska. Your skill as a wordsmith enabled me to again see and feel the land I love. - Rachel Prine, Executive Assistant (Edmonds, Washington)

You'd better not retire, 'cause you were born to inspire. . . - Bill Dropko, Alumnus (Spokane, Washington)


Celebrating Alaska's Summer Sport Fishing Season 2015

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Give this gift of adventure to family members or friends who continue to pursue their dream of experiencing remote Alaska. Persons interested in sport fishing Alaka's rivers will be especially interested in the book's contents.

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